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MicroSymfony 🎶

Introduction 🖋

MicroSymfony is a Symfony 7.1 application skeleton on steroids, ready to use.

I have made a long blog post explaining all it contains; it will be the reference for documentation. I'll update it when needed:

So, this blog post is the official documentation. This readme is a teaser of what MicroSymfony contains.

If you want to use the last Symfony 6.4 LTS version in your composer.json file, replace all occurrences of 7.1 with 6.4, run composer up, and you are done.

Demo 🌈

Because a live demo is always better than all explanations. Here is it:

Quick-start with the Symfony binary 🎶

You must have the Symfony binary and composer installed locally.

To create a new project from the GitHub template, run:

composer create-project strangebuzz/microsymfony
cd microsymfony

Then start the PHP server with make:

make start

Or with Castor:

castor symfony:start

Open (considering your 8000 port is free) and enjoy! 🙂

FrankenPHP 🧟‍

We can also use FrankenPHP to run MicroSymfony. You must have Docker installed locally.

Create a new project from the GitHub template, run:

docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/app composer:latest create-project strangebuzz/microsymfony && cd microsymfony

Install the FrankenPHP Symfony runtime:

docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/app composer:latest require runtime/frankenphp-symfony

Then run:

docker run \
    -e FRANKENPHP_CONFIG="worker ./public/index.php" \
    -e APP_RUNTIME=Runtime\\FrankenPhpSymfony\\Runtime \
    -v $PWD:/app \
    -p 80:80 -p 443:443 \
    -d \

Open https://localhost and enjoy! 🙂

PS: On Windows, replace $PWD by "%cd%".

Requirements ⚙

Optional requirements ⚙

Stack 🔗

PS: A fork of BareCSS was created to fix some issues as the project is not maintained anymore.

Features 🚀

MicroSymfony ships these features, ready to use:

Notes 📒

Turbo forms are disabled in assets/app.js. To enable the feature for a given form, add the data-turbo="true" attribute to it. Or change the parameter Turbo.setFormMode to on to activate the feature globally. In both cases, your controller code has to be modified accordingly.

Other good practices 👌

What it doesn't ship? ❌

References 📚