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MicroSymfony 🎶

Introduction 🖋

MicroSymfony is a Symfony application skeleton on steroids, ready to use.

I have made a long blog post explaining all it contains; it will be the reference for documentation. I'll update it when needed:

So this blog post is the official documentation. This readme is a teaser of what MicroSymfony contains.

Demo 🌈

Because a live demo is always better than all explanations. Here is it:

Quick-start 🐰


composer create-project strangebuzz/microsymfony
cd microsymfony


make start


castor symfony:start

Open (if your 8000 port is free).


Requirements ⚙

Optional requirements ⚙

Stack 🔗

Features 🚀

MicroSymfony ships these features, ready to use:

Other good practices 👌

What it doesn't ship? ❌

References 📚